What is the journal entry to record a one-year subscription for a magazine?

journal entry for subscription

Accrual accounting adheres to the matching principle which requires recognizing revenue and expenses in the period they occur. For the credit side, it will consist of the deferred revenues account. This account helps record revenues companies have received but haven’t earned. Therefore, the journal entries for subscription revenues will be as follows.

In the rare circumstance that the fair values of the assets or services cannot be determined, the fair value of the shares issued should then be used. This value is obviously easier to determine for a publicly traded company. In all cases, non-monetary exchanges for shares will involve the exercise of good judgment on the part of the accountant. The amortization schedule has a column for the total cash payment made at the beginning of the subscription term of $2,000. Concurrently, we are also amortizing both the long-term and short-term balances of the prepaid subscription. The most-common examples of prepaid expenses in accounting are prepaid rent from leases, prepaid software subscriptions, and prepaid insurance premiums.

  1. Prepaid expenses, or Prepaid Assets as they are commonly referred to in general accounting, are recognized on the balance sheet as an asset.
  2. Those who have paid a fee to join a club or organization are typically more likely to be loyal to that company and its products or services.
  3. Under the cash basis an organization would immediately record the full amount of the purchase of a good or service to the income statement as soon as the cash is paid.
  4. Below is the initial agreement made between the customer and the accounting firm.

Despite that, it has also resulted in complications in accounting for subscription revenues. However, they can use them if they pay a regular fee, usually monthly or annually. Then, accounting standards dictated that companies must record these revenues when the risks and rewards get transferred.

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It is to standardize how to account for sales and revenue consistently across the business sector. ASC 606 revenue recognition provides a reporting framework that xero vs sage investors, banks, financial professionals, and owners can easily understand. The company only records revenue after goods or service delivery to the customers.

To recognize the expense of the policy evenly over the policy term, divide the total policy amount of $1,800 by 12 for a monthly insurance premium expense of $150. Sticking with the accrual method of accounting, a second important consideration when recording a prepaid asset is the utilization period. If the entirety of the prepaid asset is to be consumed within 12 months, then it is deemed a current asset. However, it is not uncommon to see contracts spanning multiple years, being paid in advance.

journal entry for subscription

The accounting for subscription revenues poses a challenge to new companies. Traditionally, companies recorded revenues when the risks and rewards of the underlying products got transferred. A subscription accounting firm offers services for $400/month with a year-long term. A new client opts for service and selects to prepay $4800 for the entire year. In addition to the monthly services, the client also signs up for historical bookkeeping to address a backlog of the previous quarter’s bookkeeping.

Since the client opted to pay upfront, a prepayment entry would be noted on the books. For the subscription revenue journal entry, you debit $5400 to your cash account, and credit $5400 to the deferred revenue account. Deferred revenue is where you hold the payment because it is not considered income yet! At this moment in time, it is considered a short-term liability on the balance sheet because you still owe services. Then income will move off your balance sheet accounts and into income statement accounts.

Step 3 Determine The Transaction Price

Once ASC 606 revenue recognition takes place, the money is no longer a liability on the balance sheet. If your accounting system is set up properly you will see it added to revenue on the income statement. This is because memberships typically involve a monthly or annual fee that is paid by the member. This regular income can be used to cover the costs of running the company, such as marketing and advertising, as well as to fund new initiatives and projects. At the end of the membership period, the unearned revenue will reach zero balance.

The company needs to record this transaction from the 1st month to 14th month. At the end of 14th month, unearned revenue will decrease to zero and the total revenue record will equal $ 1,200. We can refer to the following table to reflect revenue recognition and unearned revenue. Would you rather pay $200 each month for one year or prepay $1,500 for the entire year and save $900? The software that’s sold with this type of arrangement is often referred to as SaaS, or “Software as a Service,” because of its similarity to service contracts.

journal entry for subscription

However, accounting standards require the recognition of revenues when earned. One business model that companies use for this purpose is the subscription-based business model. With this model, companies provide products and services over a specific period. Finally, membership fees can also help to cover the costs of providing discounts and other perks to members.

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In order to increase sale, the company offers 2 months free service for customer who purchases 1-year plan which cost $ 1,200. On 01 April 202X, Mr. A purchase one year plan, $ 1,200, and receive two months of free service. A company may also issue its shares in exchange for shares of another company. This type of business combination is an advanced financial accounting concept that is not covered in this text. The journal entry shows that the company received computer equipment worth $1,200. Leases can be a great example of situations where a contract may require a lessee to pay a portion of their obligation prior to or at lease commencement.

The cash increase reflects the cash received from the customer and increases on the balance sheet. Membership fees are the amount of cash the company receives before delivering the subscription service to the customers. The company may provide discounts to customers in order to encourage them to pay for longer periods of them.

Correcting Revenue Recognition Errors

Through this, they have prolonged the period for which they make revenues. The product and services have remained the same while the revenues have increased. However, new business models have introduced many complications to the recognition of revenues for companies. At the end of the month, the unearned revenue will be reversed to revenue on the income statement. The company cannot record the revenue when receiving cash from the customer.

When the customers make payment, the company should make journal entry by debiting cash and crediting unearned revenue (differed revenue). Unearned revenue is the liability that is present in balance sheet, so the transaction is not impacted the income statement yet. Under the cash basis an organization would immediately record the full amount of the purchase of a good or service to the income statement as soon as the cash is paid.

In these scenarios the portion of the prepaid obligation which exceeds 12 months is recognized as a long-term or noncurrent asset. It is important to consider what basis of accounting an organization is operating under when assessing how to account for prepaid expenses. Entities following US GAAP and hence issuing GAAP-compliant financial statements are required to use accrual accounting.

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